How to Choose A Good Wireless Speaker: The Perfect Guide

Do you find it challenging choosing the best wireless (Wi-Fi) speaker with premium sound quality?

If yes, continue reading.

In this 21st century, wireless speakers are the way to go.

Previously, wireless speakers focused on providing convenience to its users with little regard for the sound quality. 

However, with technological advancement, the quality of these speakers has experienced immense growth over the years. 

They come with outstanding features like low power consumption, flexibility and portability. 

Today, we have a wide range of wireless speakers to select from, making it a bit more difficult to choose the right speaker.  

With that being the case, we have listed factors to consider when choosing what wireless speaker to purchase.

How To Choose The Best Wireless Speaker

1. Audio Quality and Loudness:  

The quality of sound and loudness is one important attribute you must consider when choosing a wireless speaker. 

A good quality speaker fills the room with rich middle range, deep bass and a clear treble. 

We expect the sound quality of an excellent speaker to remain the same and not deteriorate when you increase the volume. 

The speaker watts, sensitivity and total harmonic distortion (THD) are some values that determine the sound quality of a speaker and, as such, are important. 

The total harmonic distortion is a measure of a speaker’s ability to translate precisely what is on a hard drive or disc into sound. 

The lower the distortion, the better the sound. A speaker with THD at 0.05% or 0.08% has a clean sound.  

The speaker watts are a measure of electrical power and manufacturers’ manual will state the recommended watts for a speaker. 

It is crucial that you take this figure into consideration when connecting to an amplifier, because excess watts might destroy the speakers. 

Decibels is a measure of a speaker’s loudness, and you should put this also into consideration. 

2. Battery Life: 

The battery life is yet another factor to consider when choose a wireless speaker.  

No one would enjoy a speaker that requires charging every hour of the day. 

So, choose one with a battery life that you are comfortable with. 

Top speakers in the market currently have battery life that lasts 8 - 10 hours. An example is the Sonos Move which last 11 hours non-stop.

However, it is important to note that the loudness of a speaker affects the battery life as the louder it is, the more current it makes use of. 

Also, as the battery gets older, the less amount of power it can store at a time. 

3. Style and Size: 

The size is the last but not the least among many qualities you should consider when choosing a wireless or speaker.

Deciding the style and size of your speaker is usually determined by the purpose you want it to serve. 

Some people decide on their speakers based on aesthetics, while others decide based on functionality. 

Whatever the case might be, there is a wide range of sizes and styles in the speaker market to satisfy your needs. 

If you are always on the go and you would love to have your speakers with you at all times, then you could opt for pocket size speakers, an example will be the Sonos Roam speaker. 

The design and size of a portable speaker wouldn’t be the same included into your home cinema design checklist.

Last, larger speakers produce better audio quality and have a longer battery life span. 

Conclusion On Choosing A Good Wireless Speaker

The emergence of wireless speakers has taken listening to your favorite shows, music, podcast and other forms of entertainment to the next level. 

Keep up with the trend, purchase premium wireless speakers at or contact us for a consultation. 

We have a range of premium wireless speakers to meet your sound needs, from portable speakers to full home sound systems and home cinema speakers.  

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