5 Types Of Sonos Wireless Speaker For You

Here are different types of Sonos speakers you can choose from. Discover which suit your needs.

Sonos wireless speakers types bring every room and everyone together.

With incredible sounds for music, movies, podcasts, and video editing, whatever your lifestyle, there’s a Sonos for you.

Picking a Sonos wireless speaker is as personal an experience as a bespoke tailoring.

There are many factors to consider before you choose the perfect fit.

While Sonos gives you many speaker types to pick from, there’s just one perfect for you.

Types Of Sonos Wireless Speakers

1) SONOS Roam

Your Sonos Roam speaker is the perfect type for the person on the go, just like chicken wings and barbecue sauce!

It’s like dynamite in a small package.

This lightweight, portable yet powerful device gives you audio play of up to 10 hours, while you stream directly from your devices using Bluetooth.

Also, it automatically pairs with your home Wi-Fi.

It is a good choice for movies, music, podcast, audio dramas, and more.

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2) SONOS Arc 

This aesthetically pleasing piece has a wonderful design that pushes sound in all directions.

This way, it gives you a carefully curated listening experience from a whisper to a feeling of outburst explosion.

Also, your Sonos Arc will give you the full cinematic sound experience right from the comfort of your home.

And with the Speech Enhancement feature on the app, you’ll never miss a single word on anything you play. 

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3) SONOS Five 

You can easily pair this type of Sonos wireless speaker as a twin, with its built-in auxiliary features.

You can also plug it into a CD player, a turntable, projectors, and other devices, easily taking you back in time.

It can switch from mono to stereo, based on its horizontal or vertical placement.

This device earns many points in the smart features category.

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4) SONOS Move

The SONOS Move is truly a wonder built to weather extreme and changing temperatures.

It adjusts sounds to your environment and the content you have playing.

The Sonos move is your go-to piece for the great outdoors.

You can get up to 11 hours audio play from a single charge using its wireless charging base.

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5) SONOS One 

If you need to choose a wireless premium speaker that fits into your smart home design, then this type is for you.

It is a smart speaker with built-in voice control, and multiple pairing capacity for multi-room listening.

It can sit anywhere in your home and may even serve as a decor. This sound pack easily adjusts to your space.

With its built-in pairing features, it pairs easily with the ONE SL for a fully immersive stereo sound.

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